Candy Tiger is a brand created in Portland, Oregon, with a healthy lifestyle in mind.
The taste of coffee in your cup depends on the brewing method. Try different ways, choose the best one for you, and use our hints.
Small batch roasted
The freshness and consistency
Different kinds of roasts
Choose the one you want today
100% Arabica
We choose only high-quality beans for you
Roasted and packed in the USA
Whole bean
The natural aroma and taste stay inside the bean until you grind it
The taste provided by nature, not chemicals
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Amazon Customer
Fresh product, great taste!
I love the flavor, it's rich and strong. The beans are freshly roasted, you can tell. I personally like the dark, but smooth coffee and this one is very delicious!!!
Amazon Customer
Very balanced light roast
I like its pleasant and gentle tasting notes. The flavor is very natural, thanks to the light roast. I usually do not buy light roasted coffee because of its strong acidity, but this one is low acid. That's great! I can recommend it to all the coffee drinkers.
Amazon Customer
Hight quality coffee
The taste is excellent, chocolaty-nutty and very smooth. Also, the pouch is easy to open and seal back; helps to keep the beans and the aroma tightly sealed. Great tasting organic coffee, highly recommended.
Delicious coffee
Amazon Customer
I liked the cute picture of the tiger on the packaging and bought this coffee. Candy Tiger did not disappoint; the coffee is well-balanced, has sweetly-tart acidity with notes of tangerine, lemon, and may be hint of flowers. I am looking forward to trying different roasts and coffee blends from Candy Tiger.
Amazon Customer
Great coffee throughout the day
I love this soft and balanced taste, heady aroma. Great option for lunch coffee. Sometimes I add creamers to add some variety. It's organic and mild acid, so I can drink it as much as I want and do not think it will irritate my stomach.
Amazon Customer
Rich, dark flavor
I am a huge fan of dark roast coffees. This is one of the best. It has a rich and full flavor, lots of earthy and woody tones, with a light touch of fruit.
I am sensitive to bitter flavors. There is such a fine line between dark and bitter. This is dark and rich.