1. Take 1 part of coffee and 2 parts of water
2. Brew with your favorite method
3. Voilà, that's your espresso
4. Serve with lemon twists if desired.
There is nothing easier when it comes to recipes. You will only need Candy Tiger Colombia (13-22 grams), water and lemon twists though they're optional.
How to brew an espresso?
1. Take 1 part of coffee and 2 parts of water
2. Brew an espresso with your favorite way
3. Give a long thoughtful look to the espresso you've made
4. Mix 1 part of espresso and 2 parts of hot, almost boiling water

Voilà, that's your americano.
The name says for itself. An American version of espresso.
1. Brew an espresso the way you like the most
2. Heat the milk and create microfoam (use wire whisk, handheld milk frother or espresso machine)
3. Pour the frothed milk into the espresso
4. Serve and imagine you're in an Italian café.
One of the most famous types of espresso drinks originally was an Italian coffee drink. The name allegedly derives from the dress of the Capuchin order of monks but also means "little cap" in Italian.
Very much like a latte but has equal parts of espresso, steamed milk and foam.
1. Brew an espresso the way you like the most
2. If you like flavored syrups or powders, add them now
3. Heat the milk and create microfoam (use wire whisk, handheld milk frother or espresso machine)
4. Pour milk in espresso, holding back the foam with a spoon
5. Spoon foam over the top
6. Serve and enjoy.
Well, you already know how to make a perfect espresso and no doubts have already tried the recipe.
Now you can move to adding something other than just «more water».
You'll need 1 part of espresso and 2-3 parts of milk.
1. Brew an espresso the way you like the most
2. Heat/steam the milk with maple/honey/agave/simple syrup for sweetness
3. Place chocolate chips in the cup, then add espresso, then add frothed milk with syrup
4. Or go the easy way and use chocolate syrup instead of chocolate chips and maple syrup
5. Add whipped cream and chocolate shavings if you want some garnish
6. Wrap yourself in a blanket, nestle down and enjoy the moment.
The perfect blend of coffee and chocolate makes Mocha warm and comforting and perfect for cold evenings. It's a little more of a free-form, so don't be afraid to step aside. As a base you'll need 1 part of coffee and 2 parts of milk, about a tablespoon of chocolate chips and 1/2 tablespoon of syrup.
1. Brew 2 shots of espresso, that we know for sure
2. Prepare about 4 ounces of milk, frothed with very little aeration
3. Pour milk in your espresso
That is quite a tricky one. Just because there is no common understanding of what it really is. Originally it was quite like a cappuccino but without sea-foam picks, i. e. flat. So, not a cappuccino anymore. Through the years it transformed into something close to latte but with less foam.

As for now, general consensus is that a flat white is smaller than a latte and contains more espresso. Differs from cappuccino by being stronger and having foam with more velvety texture and glossy finish (while cappuccinos have fluffy and airy foam).
Flat white
Remember that velvety and smooth foam seems to be the main difference as it also affects how milk melts into coffee.
1. Place 2 small scoops of ice cream in a coffee cup
2. Pour in a shot of hot espresso
You can step by the traditional recipe and replace vanilla ice cream with any other you like. You can also add liquor or other toppings like caramel or chocolate sauce, cookies, shaved dark chocolate or chopped hazelnuts. Or all at once.
3. Serve and think about Italians being so creative
This time we'll explore a dessert. A dessert made of what is referred to as the two best of Italian, which is espresso and Vanilla Gelato. Affogato means "drowned" in Italian and it is literally drowning ice cream in coffee.
The recipe is super easy, but we'll do it step-by-step anyway.
Red Lady
Feel yourself as an experienced barista or barman... or both. That won't be too easy. You'll need Cherry Syrup, milk, a shot of espresso, whipped cream, and cacao and a cocktail cherry as a garnish.
1. Pour 10 ml of Cherry Syrup in a glass
2. Froth 100 ml of milk and pour it over a bar spoon, let it alone for 40 seconds
3. Add a shot of espresso
4. Decorate it with whipped cream
5. Decorate whipped cream with chocolate cacao, Cherry topping and cocktail cherry in any order
1. Pour 10 ml of Pepper Syrup in the chosen cup
2. Froth 150 ml of milk and pour it over a bar spoon
3. Add a shot of espresso (mixed with chili pepper)
4. Powder it with nutmeg
Take your favourite cup. Or maybe it'd be better just to choose the smallest one you can find in your kitchen for your first try.
Chilli coffee
Good luck!
1. Whisk 5 oz of milk with 1,5 spoon of chocolate cacao
2. Add a shot of espresso
3. Powder with nutmeg and cinnamon (half and half)
4. Garnish with whipped cream
5. Top with chocolate cacao and orange peel
Time for more desserts! Let's take another break from traditional and modern coffee drinks and all those recipes with precise amounts of this and that. It becomes a little annoying that with a little mistake in proportions you get a completely different drink. Cherish your sweet tooth soul while remaining elegant with a Georgia coffee drink.
Ohh, that sounds too nice. Remember a little tip for orange peel: grate it and dry in an oven.
1. Take a big glass (up to 350 ml)
2. Fill it with ice. A lot of ice. Ice to the rim!
3. Pour over tonic
4. Brew an espresso
5. Pour the shot gently over the ice
We're used to having 'gin' right before the 'tonic', not an 'espresso'. But there's Espresso Tonic now spreading all over the world. Seems it comes from Europe again. More specific sources say it comes from a particular cafe in Helsingborg, Sweden. Don't mistake it with Finland's Helsinki! But whatever origin it has, it is still a fancy refreshment from the summer heat.
Espresso Tonic
Remember to start with a tonic that has got more of the brighter and acidic notes and with a coffee that have a lot of natural acidity. That'll be your basic recipe.
1. Place 140 g of ice (it's about 11 ice cubes) in a blender
2. Add 40 g of milk, 40 g of cream and 20 g of syrup
3. Add 2 shots of espresso
4. Blend
5. Pour in a lovely glass
A must have recipe for summer! Try and not get addicted to this easy made and tasty coffee drink. You'll need your favorite syrup (actually, the classic one is vanilla), milk, cream and ice. And don't forget about coffee, of course. By the way, it's better to cool it in advance so it is really cold when you start.
Frappé coffee
That's all! Cool and refreshing drink is ready. Take your time and enjoy the summer.
Espresso ice cubes
Are you familiar with this feeling when you drink a beverage and as ice is melting it becomes less of whatever you were drinking before and more of an ordinary water? Well, that's a recipe that will make it vice versa. Espresso ice cubes are exactly what you might think and they are too easy to make:
Add ice in any drink that your imagination lets you. We just suggest the most obvious one: iced coffee. Oh, and always remember that it doesn't need to be pure coffee, milk and syrups will also be a nice add.
1. Brew as many coffee as you want
2. Let it cool
3. Pour coffee in ice cube tray and place in freezer
1. Whisk 5 oz of milk with 1,5 spoon of chocolate cacao
2. Let it cool a little and add syrup
3. Blend it
4. Break ice into pieces and put them in glass
5. Add blended coffee with syrup
6. Put ice cream on top of this
7. Garnish with chocolate crumbs and mint leaves.
That is something fancy, no doubt. Just look at the ingredients: 150 ml of freshly brewed coffee, 100 g of dark chocolate, mint syrup or liquor and ice cream. Let's taste it!
Ice coffee with mint and chocolate
Orange coffee
Sometimes it seems there are either people who love the mix of coffee and orange or those who cannot bear the taste, and no one in between. This recipe is strictly for the former, of course.

Though it may not sound like the easiest one, it's never a reason not to try, right?

Prepare 200 ml of coffee, 2 oranges, sugar powder, whipped cream, cookie crumbles, nuts and ice cubes.
Sounds quite tasty to attract more people to try coffee-orange cocktails.
1. Peel oranges and then squeeze oranges
2. Put peels in a saucepan, add a glass of water and sugar powder. Boil at low temperature for about 5 minutes. Filter the syrup and then cool it.
3. Mix and stir cooled water, juice and syrup.
4. Put ice cubes in glass and pour the mix. Add whipped cream and garnish with cookie crumbles and nuts
Latte Blue
This one deserves to be treated as a party cocktail rather than a coffee drink. And it definitely looks like you're celebrating something. Though it doesn't matter if you use it on occasion or just to make an evening more colourful, it is still a thing to try and share with friends.
Feels like it's easy to make, try it!
1. Start with mixing 3-4 oz of coffee with 0.3 oz of Blue Curacao. Pour the liquid in a glass and leave for 1 minute
2. Add a shot of espresso
3. Top with whipped cream and just a little bit of Blue Curacao
1. Take an Irish coffee glass. Warm it with hot water and brew 2 cups of a strong espresso at the same time
2. Pour 1 ounce of rum and 1/2 ounce of amaretto liqueur into a glass
3. Add your hot espresso
4. Top with whipped cream and garnish with sliced almonds or an ice-cream with chocolate
Rum and amaretto in this recipe come together to show you a real Caribbean coffee taste. It is a spicy yet subtle hot coffee cocktail. If you like sweet and nutty flavors, Caribbean coffee is one of the best ways to warm up on a cold and wet autumn day.
Caribbean coffee
Turn the Caribbean music on and enjoy your coffee.